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Dual and Multi Screen in LCD Large Screen

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-11-26

More and more people have a demand for external second screens because:

Dual or multiple screens can help improve work efficiency. Whether it's opening multiple documents or code editing windows, comparing references between two documents, etc., multiple screens can simultaneously display more content, avoiding mutual occlusion and frequent switching.

In terms of home entertainment, exciting movie and game scenes are played on larger screens such as projectors and televisions, bringing a better sense of immersion and immersive experience.

By connecting the touch screen, expand the touch interaction function for your computer, greatly improving the user experience.

In order to protect their eyesight, due to the popularity of online education and live classes caused by the epidemic, many parents are worried that their children's long-term use of small screen phones will damage their eyesight, and hope to project classroom content onto the large screen.

Whether it is supporting office work, study, or home entertainment, in order to help users establish a multi screen system more conveniently, we would like to share the tools and methods for connecting the second screen.

Taking the Bluetooth speaker of a mobile phone as an example: a mobile phone is a platform for playing audio content, and it also provides software/hardware; Mobile phones are wirelessly connected to external output devices such as speakers through Bluetooth, and audio content is output to Bluetooth speakers through relevant playback software apps.

Similarly, our video content needs to be stored and played on various hardware platforms such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and players. Additionally, the specific content needs to come from various video/live streaming apps, as well as parent office software or children's online teaching software.

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