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Small pitch LED, scene is king

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-12-03

Small pitch LED, the scene is the king, the first "customer value" conversion.

At present, the core application scenarios of small pitch LED display screens include "command and control center large screens" and "large conference venue displays". These application scenarios all require "conference interactive display devices". Interactive LCD panels are becoming one of the fastest growing interactive devices in conference rooms: small pitch LED large screen enterprises that provide customers with "conference room solutions" cannot only provide large screens without "interactive small screens".

Therefore, the "smart conference tablet" is not only an independent application product, but also a supporting application product for many scenarios—— Small pitch LED screen enterprises becoming "solution providers" inevitably require "equipment matching". From the perspective of comprehensive intelligent display application scenarios, whether it is airport screens, subway screens, conference screens, or other scenarios, small pitch LED enterprises have no reason to "only focus on technical products.".

Customer value, market demand, and competitor actions all require small pitch LED screen enterprises to upgrade their competitiveness from "technical products" to "display functions". From line to surface, the technological limitations of small pitch LED enterprises will inevitably be broken through, and the market limitations of will also be broken through. Engineering has shown that the "technical route battle" in the market is inevitable.

Mini LED "icing on the cake" or "new supply"

The most popular science fiction brand in the hands of small pitch LED companies is naturally mini LED display technology. This technology is also known as the "king of future engineering displays": although in the short term, this technology still faces certain cost pressures.

On the one hand, in 2019, mini LED products with a spacing of P0.38 were manufactured within the industry. This spacing can achieve 4K display on a 75 inch screen. Perhaps this is not on the same level of competition as LCD products. After all, large-sized liquid crystals have already moved towards 8k. However, achieving a bright 8K display on a 150 inch product is a new height that no display technology could have achieved before. On the other hand, the engineering display industry is more or less facing some "application bottlenecks". There are two typical types. In the era of ultra-high definition video, what about 8K movie screens? At present, the projection technology that has dominated the film screen market for 100 years has not yet provided a "complete" solution. Secondly, an increasing number of outdoor high-definition displays, especially close range small and medium-sized displays, are inevitable in the era of smart society. However, all previous display technologies were either "insufficient brightness" or "insufficient resolution". To solve these problems, mini LED displays can at least meet the technical requirements.

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