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Can the 0.88 splicing screen still see the splicing seam?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-11-26

In the field of LCD splicing screens, the 0.88 splicing screen has become the smallest splicing screen. Launched in early 2019, LG offers panels with single-sided splicing of 0.44mm and double-sided splicing of 0.88mm, making it the only product in the world with splicing of 1mm or less. Previously, the smallest LCD panels assembled were LG1.8mm and Samsung 1.7mm. Can the 0.88 splicing screen still be seen after splicing?

It can still be seen, but the display effect is much better.

Since its inception, the 0.88mm splicing screen has been rapidly applied in various high-end large screen applications, including Huaneng Power Group, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Foshan Software Company, Dalian Laboratory, and Qingyuan Intercity Consulting Company. Most of them are installed in small and medium-sized conference rooms, exhibition halls, media centers, etc.

Using a 3 * 4 splicing 0.88 splicing screen, the physical seams between the screens are much smaller, with only tiny black edges. Compared to the original 1.8mm or 3.5mm spliced screen, the overall visual effect is greatly improved when displaying full screen images.

Is there a 0.88mm seamless splicing screen?

Because LCD splicing screens have higher resolution, better color and viewing effects than LED screens, many indoor users are unwilling to use LED displays. However, considering the seams of LCD splicing screens, users often struggle with LCD splicing screens and LED screens. Although the launch of the 0.88 splicing screen has greatly improved the viewing experience of the entire LCD splicing screen, it has not fundamentally solved the splicing problem, which is also limited by the LCD's own luminous technology.

In response to this market characteristic, a splicing screen that can display 0mm flat seams can eliminate the original physical flat seams through LED compensation technology on the basis of LCD panels, thereby completely solving the black edge problem that has been bothering users. Therefore, it can achieve the seamless effect of LED screens, while also achieving a series of advantages such as high resolution, high brightness, and high contrast of LCD screens.

Currently, there is only one LG 55 inch splicing screen, with a length, width, and height of 1210 * 681mm. Due to its small stitching size and the highest cost among conventional stitching, it is destined to become the mainstream market in the future. If used in some conferences and exhibitions, a 0.88 splicing screen can be used, but if it is a traditional security monitoring display screen, it is still 3.5mm or 1.8mm splicing, which is very cost-effective.

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