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What are the differences and which ones are better in commercial advertising machines?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-11
1. System stable Windows commercial advertising machine:

(1) System updates are backward, with many vulnerabilities, instability, and susceptibility to virus and Trojan attacks, which can easily cause file loss or inability to open;

(2) The system cannot be deeply customized and developed. The cost of legitimate systems is high, and non legitimate systems need to be activated through some means;

(3) The system's built-in software has a lower version and students need to uninstall, upgrade, or install third-party enterprise external management software on their own;

(4) All software and programs are pre installed on the C drive, which increases the system burden. Even after uninstallation, there are still a large number of junk and fragmented files, which can easily slow down the system

(5) Abnormal shutdown can easily cause system crashes or file loss.

Android commercial advertising machine:

(1) Open source systems can be researched, deeply learned, developed and customized. For example, all Internet TVs in China are deeply developed and customized Android systems, and the stable development has been recognized by the Chinese market.

(2) Due to the openness of the system, it has attracted a large number of software and hardware technicians to join, and most of the software and hardware used for office, teaching, and entertainment have been supported.

(3) The system version is upgraded quickly, making it easy to handle hardware and software compatibility issues that may arise in the market.

(4) The system design files are hidden and invisible, making them less susceptible to virus infection, and have low maintenance and management costs.

(5) No need to follow the shutdown procedure, the power can be directly cut off to shut down without causing system crashes.

2. Touch experience Windows all-in-one machine:

The Windows system is mainly used by enterprises to research and develop desktop computer technology applications, meet the needs of office and entertainment life, and operate through network keyboards and mice. In terms of touch, the Windows 10 system mainly performs better. Android all-in-one machine: The design of the Android system itself is born for touch, so it performs the best in supporting the development of touch society. Many students develop applications based on Android, and the touch experience is significantly higher than that of applications under Windows system. Android system has equally important support for keyboard input and mouse operation.

3. Maintenance convenience: Windows all-in-one machine: Windows all-in-one machine hardware resource configuration enterprises have added touch screens. Similar to PCs in other countries, they require CPUs, hard drives, memory, etc., most of which are inserted into interfaces. During transportation, it may develop and become loose, causing students to be unable to boot up. Excessive maintenance of network interfaces and inconsistent manufacturers of these accessories have a significant advantage in compatibility issues, such as blue screens and memory error codes. Android all-in-one machine: The hardware technology of Android all-in-one machines is economically integrated and packaged, and all related hardware environments are packaged on the motherboard, which will not affect looseness during transportation. And after a long period of professional compatibility and adaptation by the manufacturer, there are no concerns about complete compatibility. The research on system security issues can be solved by using a USB flash drive to upgrade or flash drive, and the operational workflow can be greatly improved and optimized without the need for professional professionals.

4. Application Scalability Windows One Machine: Due to the long market application of Windows system and the rich software based on Windows system, some applications are not well supported in single touch environments, and software manufacturers need to conduct deep customization, which requires optimization in both cost and effectiveness. Android Integration: Android is a market later than Windows, although it does not support as many applications as Windows. However, due to the freedom and openness of the system, more and more software vendors have added applications in recent years. Currently, there is no problem supporting office, teaching, and entertainment. More importantly, application development itself is to support touch customization development, and the touch experience is better than Windows all-in-one machines.

5. The cost-effectiveness of Windows all-in-one machines is higher than that of Android all-in-one machines in terms of hardware cost and system copyright issue cost under the same experience configuration, which is also a well-known fact in the market.

In summary, compared to Windows commercial advertising machines, based on market feedback, the Android commercial advertising machine system has increasingly developed advantages in stability, hardware structure stability, development, maintenance of enterprise costs, and cost-effectiveness requirements. More and more different customers tend to choose Android commercial advertising machines.

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