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Which is more worthwhile, narrow edge splicing screen or other splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-09

With the continuous progress of market demand and technology, the narrowest seam of narrow edge splicing screens has now reached ≤ 0.88mm, and the seam span of narrow edge splicing screens has broken through zero in just about two years. This has amazed people at the rapid progress of commercial splicing screen display technology. To this day, 1.7mm splicing products are still popular, while 0.88mm products have emerged, with "no smallest seams, only smaller ones" narrowing.

1、 Overview of 0.88mm splicing screen

The Lg 55 inch 0.88mm splicing screen, with a 0.44mm single-sided slot on all four sides, has once again become a new record in the splicing screen display industry. It has become the smallest splicing screen display product in the market. The size of the 55 inch 0.88mm splicing screen machine is 1210.51mm * 681.22mm, with a brightness of 700 cd/m2. The 55 inch 0.88mm splicing screen also adopts a four sided design, and the entire machine uses original Lg modules for more stable performance.

2、 0.88mm gap and seamless splicing screen

At present, in the splicing screen market of the commercial display industry, the concepts of "seamless splicing screen" and "0mm splicing seam" have been used for a long time. In fact, everyone inside the circle knows that the concept words used are not truly seamless splicing, nor are they 0mm. Mainly through technical means for secondary processing, the visual effect of no canopy is achieved. Although physical seams cannot be eliminated, after all, the image presented by the splicing screen is through human visual perception, which gives rise to a new idea: visually "magic" - optical seamless splicing screen is such a product.

3、 Narrow edge splicing screen overview

The optical narrow edge splicing screen is called a narrow edge splicing screen, but there is still physical splicing. The physical splicing of the optical narrow edge splicing screen is indeed 0.1 mm. This is because the optical narrow edge splicing screen must retain a physical splicing seam of 0.1 mm when splicing optical glass, because there is a 0.1 mm gap between the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the optical glass, avoiding damage to the splicing screen caused by the extrusion of the optical glass. This is a common narrow edge splicing screen, commonly known as a 0mm narrow edge splicing screen. The principle of this headless splicing is to install a special LED patch on each black splicing screen. After being powered on and illuminated, this LED chip function achieves the image display effect of the LED mosaic screen, with a fusion rate of over 95% with the mosaic screen. This large mosaic screen looks like a super large LCD TV.

Therefore, the 0.88mm seam is the smallest gap in the market for truly liquid crystal panels. With the continuous improvement of technology and market demand, true seamless panels will one day be presented to us, and a visual feast is about to come!

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