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Common problems with commercial advertising machines

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-11

With the progress of Chinese technology and the continuous improvement of technology, the commercial advertising machine market has developed to a higher and better level. Its functions can be increased, and the market demand and application research fields have become increasingly broad. But inevitably, there may be some technical issues, so let's explain and analyze them below:

What is the main difference between independent commercial advertising machines and online commercial advertising machines?

Single player version:

Updating the program with a USB drive or SD card requires manual replacement.

Without the internet service function, it is naturally not possible to browse web pages;

Unable to install APP;

The split screen function will be limited by the size of the material format;

More suitable for users with relatively few downloads or infrequent program updates;

Network version:

By relying on backend management software (which needs to be installed on the computer and will not affect the needs of students and computer system staff), technical updates can be edited without the need for manual on-site replacement;

Having its own internet service function (WIFI wired), it can browse web pages;

If it is an Android network solution, you can install an Android application;

More powerful split screen function, supporting more formats;

More suitable for users with a relatively large number of machine equipment and frequent program updates.

What if there is no sound?

Firstly, confirm if there is any sound in the played video. Insert the video into the USB drive and then insert it into a computer with an external speaker. Use the computer to play the video and see if there is any sound output. If there is no sound, it is likely that the video itself has no sound output. At this point, copy the video with sound to the advertising machine, or if there is no sound, follow the following steps.

The sound of the system inside the commercial advertising machine can control all students in the enterprise to open it, and then try listening. At this point, we still have no sound, so we need to investigate the hardware components. The best way for China at this time is to contact the manufacturer for more professional guidance, or return the machine to the factory for processing.

2. Why is the screen of a commercial advertising machine not displayed?

Use other electrical equipment to test the power supply of the advertising machine (such as a socket), then unplug the power plug of the advertising machine, and finally unplug the DC plug of the advertising machine. After these attempts, the screen still does not display. Please contact a commercial advertising machine supplier or directly contact the advertising machine manufacturer for after-sales processing.

3. What is an embedded commercial advertising machine?

Embedded commercial advertising machines originate from the characteristics of a single shell. Generally, commercial advertising machines are managed by enterprises to ensure the appearance of the shell is fixed. The shell of embedded commercial advertising machines provides multiple design system interfaces that affect the appearance, allowing installers to design the product's appearance with a secondary structure, making the building's appearance more free and open, without limiting the pursuit of appearance by information users.

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, the advertising industry can no longer meet the needs of print media, and streaming media has become one of the main advertising industries. The display counters of branded cosmetics, mobile phones, and other electronic products in major supermarkets are increasingly being replaced by streaming media. In order to match the overall appearance of high-end counters, old-fashioned TV advertising machines are gradually being replaced by professional commercial advertising machines.

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