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Detian Technology takes you to understand the application of bar screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-09-18
A strip screen refers to a rectangular LCD display screen with a length to width ratio greater than a regular display. Due to its diverse scales, clear display, and rich functionality, it is used in multiple professions such as retail, transportation, banking, and enterprises, and its application scale is expanding day by day. The combination of visual LCD strip screen and information release system supports fundamental functions such as split screen playback, time-sharing playback, and timed on/off; Support terminal grouping processing, account permission processing, and system security processing; Support extended functions, such as lifting objects for playback, multi screen synchronization, and linked playback. With excellent hardware quality, comprehensive software functionality, and powerful system customization capabilities.

The characteristics of a strip screen, due to its high reliability and good stability, are intelligently controlled to achieve the best display effect. It has been applied in many occasions:

1. Large shopping malls and supermarkets

2. Subway and bus stop signs

3. Banks, hospitals

4. In the field of advertising and media

The above is the knowledge about bar screen applications shared by the editor of Detian Technology. Welcome to consult online or call us.

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