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What are the main applications of bar screens in the market currently?

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-09-02
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LCD strip screen is a highly technological electronic product that has entered the market for a short period of time. LCD bar screen is a new product for users, or many users know very little about it when using it; I have seen the advantages and disadvantages of the five parameters of the LCD strip screen. In addition, the current domestic LCD strip screen market is uneven, with varying product quality, making it difficult for users to purchase LCD strip screens with high cost-effectiveness. Below are five parameters summarized by bar intelligence to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of LCD bar screens.

Parameter 1: Contrast

The brightness of the display screen and the effect of the displayed color are determined by its contrast. The contrast ratio of the commonly seen LCD strip screens in the market is 3000:1, which is already quite high. If the contrast of a bar screen is not high, the colors displayed on the screen will not be bright and rich.

Parameter 2: Support resolution

Resolution is one of the important parameters for measuring the display effect of a display screen. The resolution of an LCD screen determines the clarity and precision of the screen. At present, the resolution of large screens on the market is relatively high, with common ones being 1920 * 1080 and 1366 * 768. If the resolution is too low, do not choose it.

Parameter 3: Input signal type

If the LCD strip screen only supports input and output functions of a single signal type, its use will be limited in many places, and supporting multiple signal formats for input and output is more convenient.

Parameter 4: Bar border

The LCD strip screen is formed by multiple strip panels, so there is a strip frame between each panel. A large bar border not only affects its appearance, but also has a significant impact on its display effect.

Parameter 5: Brightness

The brightness of the image displayed on the LCD strip screen is determined by the brightness of the LCD screen unit. If the brightness is not high enough, the image displayed on the screen will not be visible in bright lighting environments. You can choose this according to your own needs. If you need to use it in strong light environments, you can choose high brightness, and in indoor environments, you can choose low brightness.

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