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What are the issues to pay attention to when placing commercial advertising machines in building elevators?

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-09-25

1. Address for advertising machine placement in building elevators

Most regional building advertising machines only advertise in radiating commercial areas. This indicates that these building advertising machines are targeted at customers in nearby areas. Therefore, when investing in building advertisements, assuming that the product has regional characteristics, it is necessary to consider the address.

2. Positioning of building elevator advertising machines

People know that geographical location is an important factor in determining the size of a physical store's foot traffic. Choosing the location of a physical store is half the battle. Regarding the selection of advertising machines for building elevators, the same applies to the location of the commercial district, traffic flow, pedestrian flow, and customer purchasing power.

3. Concept of Building Elevator Advertising Machine

The higher the customer's participation, the higher their awareness of the product, and the higher the conversion rate of product purchases. So, more and more advertisements are paying attention to interaction with customers. Especially with the introduction of advertising machines, interactive advertising has become increasingly popular.

When purchasing building elevator advertising machines, it is important to measure based on your company's planning. For companies with high potential, you can expand and promote them when making building elevator advertising machines. For small businesses, large-scale outdoor advertising promotion can be carried out when the time is right. The sales volume of the product depends to a certain extent on the size of the advertising plan and the number of advertisements invested. Also, remember to maintain the advertising machine after purchasing. For how to maintain commercial advertising machines, you can directly consult Detian Technology.

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