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What does LCD screens rely on to conquer the market?

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-06-15

With the development of LCD display technology, splicing technology, multi screen image processing technology, signal switching technology and other TV curtain wall related technologies, new splicing curtain walls have become popular.

  LCD large screenThe display system has been used in many important large screen display application systems in China, and even around us, it can be seen everywhere in squares, shopping malls, hospitals.

What is the reason why LCD screens are so widely used?

It mainly has the following advantages:

Coordinate the summary display of computer images and video image information in the system, forming a set of functional and technologically advanced image and information display processing control systems;

Meet various needs for video surveillance, multimedia display, production, and scheduling monitoring, and completely replace existing imitation screens;

Provide an interactive system for public display, monitoring, and management, to adapt to the continuous public display, meetings, production, and scheduling operations, so as to make timely judgments and processing, and achieve real-time monitoring and centralized control.

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