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Where can I find a supplier of high-quality DID splicing screens in Shenzhen? Detian Technology is full of treasures

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-05-20
The DID LCD display system consists of three main parts, namely splicing display wall, multi screen splicing processor, and signal source. The multi screen splicing processor is the core of the key technology, supporting the display of images of different pixels on the large screen display wall, as well as arbitrary window opening, window zooming in and out, and cross screen roaming display on the large screen display wall. DID splicing screen is not only an LCD splicing screen, but also a different name. DID, It is a new generation LCD display technology launched by Samsung Electronics in 2006, widely used in various industries.

Due to its large screen splicing and strong visual impact, it has excellent display, demonstration, advertising, and promotional effects. And it is easy to install, not limited by space, and widely used in various fields: power production dispatch control center, military command control center, urban management emergency command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, broadcasting and television display and monitoring system, shopping malls, hotels, communication information display system, financial securities information display system, government enterprise multimedia video conference display system, mining safety production monitoring system, urban environmental monitoring command system, fire, meteorological, maritime flood control command system, airport and subway flight display, luggage, safety monitoring system, theater, media advertising, exhibition display system, brand specialty store image display system, concert. What are the characteristics of DID splicing screens compared to regular splicing screens?

1. Pure flat display

2. Ultra thin narrow edge design

3. High service life

4. Better reliability

5. High brightness and contrast

6. Wider visual angle

7. Thanks to the color calibration technology professionally developed for DID products

8. Uniform brightness, stable and non flickering image.

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