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The large screen is infinitely good, and LCD screens are indispensable

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-06-15
In my early years, I always feltLCD splicing screenIt's just commercial, it's not related to us. In fact, it's closely related. In the past, eating, drinking, playing, and even homework can't be separated from LCD splicing screens. In some cases, when the LCD screen is small, it feels not grand or upscale. Now let's learn more with the editor of Detian Technology.

In recent years, Detian's LCD splicing screen has penetrated into our daily life, including monitoring, meetings, education, bars, KTV, and more. Entertainment venues require large screens to satisfy the craving. According to customer needs, LCD splicing screens have now occupied a new market in the field of commercial displays.

LCD splicing screen can be used as a separate display, and can also be spliced into a super large screen. Depending on different application requirements, it can vary in size. Versatile large screen functions: single screen cutting display, single screen individual display, combination display, full screen LCD splicing, two-layer splicing LCD screen splicing, vertical display, picture borders can be compensated or hidden, supporting digital signal roaming, scaling and stretching, cross screen display, setting and operation of various display schemes, real-time processing of full HD signals.

The combination of LCD screens and technology can be described as 72 changes. How to integrateLCD splicing screenThe best product is to make better use of it and make the most of it. Not only do we need to improve our skills, but also the Internet is an indispensable integration that can meet the requirements of more categories. How many surprises will the collision between LCD screens and technology bring us? Let's wait and see.

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