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The main application areas of outdoor LCD advertising machines

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-11-27

Advertising machines are a new generation of intelligent devices that form a complete advertising control system through terminal software control, network information transmission, and multimedia terminal display. Advertising is promoted through multimedia materials such as images, text, videos, and small plugins (weather, exchange rates, etc.). Digital Signage, also known as Digital Signage in foreign countries, has been replaced by many print advertisements due to the use of multimedia players to play advertisements through multimedia such as videos, images, and music. Advertising machine is a type of digital sign, and its display part uses a relatively light and thin LCD display screen, also known as LCD advertising machine. So as long as there is a place for advertising investment, advertising machines can be used.

The customer group can be roughly divided into:

1. Customers who require direct advertising display, such as specialty stores, chain stores, hotels, etc.

2. Use advertising machines as media to concentrate advertising resources, such as media companies, advertising companies, etc.

In addition, many large companies also assemble large exhibition halls, most of which choose multimedia display methods, so many exhibition halls can also use advertising machines

With the continuous advancement of the Internet era, smart and connected life has become more and more popular. The construction of urban civilization has also achieved more innovation. The era of advancing with the times has put forward more and more requirements for enterprises. Household media practitioners are focusing on the construction of smart cities with more abundant Internet thinking. As the standard setter for outdoor LCD advertising machines in the industry, Detian adheres to the concept of intelligent technology display systems and is committed to promoting the development of smart cities.

The intelligent frequency conversion air conditioning cooling system, heat exchange cooling system and solar radiation induction energy saving system carried by the Detian intelligent outdoor LCD advertising machine not only promote the future development trend of the industry, but also apply the cloud platform information release system and outdoor remote monitoring system to connect to the Internet platform, so as to facilitate the information dissemination in urban community service stations, bus stations, highways and other crowded places more quickly and efficiently.

It is worth mentioning that the Detian standing all outdoor high brightness waterproof and dustproof outdoor advertising machine is a high-performance industrial grade outdoor LCD advertising machine that integrates information dissemination, advertising placement, interactive applications, and e-commerce promotion. It can be widely used in commercial centers, urban roads, shopping mall entrances, city squares and other fields that require outdoor advertising playback, outdoor public information release, outdoor media dissemination, and touch interactive queries.

It is understood that the DeTian vertical advertising machine is equipped with a perfect variable frequency heating and cooling air conditioner, with a unique patented intelligent temperature control core technology. Even at minus 40 degrees Celsius or minus 55 degrees Celsius, it can operate stably and efficiently, perfectly adapted. At the same time, the high-definition and high brightness LCD display screen equipped with the Detian vertical advertising machine is made of explosion-proof, anti reflective, and zero ultraviolet high transparency safety glass casting, which is sturdy and resistant to polishing, and does not black out in direct sunlight.

In addition, the Detian vertical advertising machine has a beautiful model, which appears unique through innovative design. Even when placed outdoors, it will not appear abrupt. And the sound effect is also quite good. The product is equipped with "2.0 Super Surround Stereo", which combines stunning sound effects with ultra-high definition visual effects, bringing stronger promotional effects and facilitating users to quickly request information during the viewing process.

In the future, as urban civilization continues to advance, outdoor advertising machines will be used in more everyday scenarios, and users will have increasingly stringent requirements for product technology and functionality. And Detian will also integrate intelligent technology into its products in diverse innovative forms, leading the industry's development trend, making key contributions to the city, and promoting the development of smart city civilization construction.

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