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What are the characteristics of seamless splicing screen technology?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-10-28

Seamless splicing screen is an emerging large screen splicing product in recent years, which has been widely used in the field of large screen display terminals in various industries and occupies an increasing market share. So, what are the characteristics of its seamless splicing screen technology?

With the continuous improvement of seamless splicing screen technology, its display effect is getting better and better, which is very popular among users in high-end display occasions. It has not only achieved a huge breakthrough in quality, but also conforms to the characteristics of national energy-saving and environmental protection products. More importantly, it can support 24x365 hours of long-term operation mode, and its brightness can reach 800cd/㎡. The display effect is not affected by real-time environment, and its heat resistance, dust resistance, earthquake resistance and other performance are good, which can be suitable for various environmental requirements. Therefore, this ensures good use in high-end command centers, monitoring centers, exhibition halls, and other fields.

The seamless splicing screen, as an upgraded version of the LCD splicing screen, its remarkable performance is still reflected in the display effect. The seamless splicing screen technology eliminates the physical black edges, allowing for integrated display of the large screen image. For example, optical refraction is used to display the border, and LED electronic compensation technology is used to restore the image display. We all know that the splicing problem has always been a technical bottleneck for splicing screens. Even though LG Group has successfully developed a 0.88mm splicing LCD screen, the overall display effect of the large screen will still have small black splicing, but this has little impact on the experience of the large screen screen.

In the future development, seamless splicing of screens with advanced technology and unique display effects is believed to be recognized by more industries and widely applied.

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