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What to pay attention to when purchasing LCD bar screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-11-27

"What should I pay attention to when purchasing a LCD strip screen?" Today, Detian Technology will talk to you about this issue.
In recent years, the LCD strip screen industry has developed rapidly, and LCD strip screen manufacturers have emerged like mushrooms after rain. Faced with the LCD strip screens produced by many manufacturers in the market, how should business users choose? In fact, we can choose a LCD strip screen based on the following conditions to avoid unnecessary losses.

1. Pay attention to the box design of LCD strip screens

The box design is also important for LCD strip screens, on the one hand for its circuit protection, on the other hand for safety, and also for dust and water prevention. But more importantly, the design of the thermal circuit system for ventilation and heat dissipation is good. With the extension of startup time and the increase of external temperature, the thermal drift of components will also increase, leading to a deterioration in image quality.

2. Pay attention to the brand and quality of semiconductor devices such as LEDs and ICs

Due to the fact that LEDs and ICs belong to semiconductor devices, they are picky about the usage conditions of the environment, preferably around 25 ℃ at room temperature, and their working mechanism is the best. But in fact, an outdoor strip screen can be applied in different temperature environments, with temperatures possibly above 60 ℃ in summer and below -20 ℃ in winter.

3. Pay attention to the power quality of LCD strip screens

At the same time, power supply is also very important. Due to different temperature conditions, the stability of the power supply, output voltage value, and load capacity will also vary. As it bears the role of logistics support, its support ability directly affects the quality of the strip screen.

4. Pay attention to the resolution of the LCD strip screen

When choosing a LCD screen, the first thing people pay attention to is often the resolution, because as we all know, the higher the resolution, the clearer and more delicate the display effect.

5. Pay attention to the panel and speed doubling technology of the LCD strip screen

LCD panels can largely determine the brightness, contrast, color, and viewing angle of LCD displays. The development speed of LCD panels is very fast, and the LCD panel part is closely related to LCD displays. The production, quality, and market environment of a liquid crystal display are all related to its quality, price, and market direction, as about 80% of the cost of a liquid crystal display is concentrated on the panel. So, the LCD panel is also one of the key points to pay attention to when choosing a LCD display screen. Double speed can reach 100Hz (50Hz in PAL format), and quadruple speed can reach 200Hz, which means image processing is faster and the image is smoother, but the human eye is only 24Hz, so do not overly pursue this parameter.

6. Pay attention to the backlight of the LCD strip screen

Because LCD screens themselves do not emit light, in order to present images on a LCD screen, it is necessary to illuminate the screen, which is the function of a backlight. The LCD strip screen uses a cold light source tube to emit light.

7. Pay attention to the response speed of the LCD strip screen

In terms of megaseconds, the national standard is less than or equal to 20 megaseconds. Currently, products are either 6 or 4 megaseconds, and the smaller the number, the better.
The above isDetian TechnologyThe answer to "What to pay attention to when purchasing a LCD strip screen".

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