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How to select the LCD splicing screen bracket? Detian Technology introduces you to

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-10-21

In recent years, LCD splicing screens have gradually entered people's vision, occupying the large screen splicing market in an instant with functions such as clear image sense, high brightness, and low power consumption. I have a general understanding of LCD splicing screens,LCD splicing screenThere are four installation methods, namely wall mounted bracket installation, floor mounted cabinet installation, embedded installation, and three-dimensional bracket installation. These installation methods all use brackets. If the brackets are used well before maintenance, it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble in the later stage. How to choose the installation bracket? What are the details here?


Firstly, the material of the bracket is very important. It must have a certain hardness, be able to withstand weight but not be too heavy, and have strong antioxidant ability that is not easily corroded. Generally, customers choose aluminum alloy, and better ones use zinc aluminum alloy. After reading the materials, there is another important detail - the connection point of the bracket. The connection point of the bracket must be connected by corner codes, so that the structure can be more stable and firm.

The maintenance methods for LCD splicing screens can be divided into two types: one is pre expansion maintenance, and the other is post maintenance with reserved maintenance channels.

The maintenance method before outsourcing is generally to remove the screen in front of the large screen and then perform maintenance; There are two types: electric and manual; The installation of this maintenance method for large screens is very complex, and only two layers of large screens can be spliced (it is recommended to have a maximum of three layers); Meanwhile, due to the need to leave room for removing the large screen from the front, it will inevitably cause the seam of the large screen to become larger, which will to some extent affect the display effect.

Reserve maintenance channels for post maintenance.

It is a prerequisite that there is sufficient passage left behind the screen, about one meter wide, and the requirements for construction space are also quite strict. Moreover, this will to some extent compress the visible space, which is often more commonly used for cabinet mounted LCD splicing screens.

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