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Creating a new era of smart conferences

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-06-19

According to data released by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, as of the end of September 2017, the total number of state-owned enterprises in China was 29.0723 million, an increase of 116.5% compared to the end of September 2012. Since the 18th National Congress, the average growth rate of the number of state-owned enterprises in China has been 16.7%. In addition, according to relevant institutions, China has over 20 million corporate conference rooms, as well as the number of conference rooms in government and public institutions and overseas conference markets. The potential conference market will be very astonishing. The huge base and high-speed growth rate reflect the urgent need for development in a vast new blue ocean.

In recent years, with the shift of China's economy into a new normal of medium to high-speed growth, the country's economy is shifting from a focus on quantity to a more emphasis on quality, and from being made in China to a high-quality development strategy of "smart" manufacturing in China. Many industries have to face severe market tests, market shrinkage, and declining performance, especially in traditional industries. The rapid development of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things has added multiple unpredictable factors to the future development of industries.

In this way, the trend of intelligent office is not only driven by the development of intelligent technology, but also an inevitable requirement of the times.

Meeting tabletIntegrated with multiple device functions, it is widely regarded as the third-generation conference equipment that replaces projectors and electronic whiteboards. 2017 is considered the first year of development for conference tablets, and 2018 will be a year of rapid expansion for conference tablets. The intelligent conference tablet, due to its high integration of various office equipment functions, has good cross industry universal performance. Currently, it has well-known large enterprises, airlines, prestigious schools and business schools, financial institutions, and manufacturing enterprises

DeTian Intelligent ConferenceThe all-in-one machine integrates the functions of computers, televisions, sound systems, and other equipment. It is equipped with various commonly used conference tools such as electronic whiteboard writing and multimedia display, and can smoothly play files such as PPT, Word, Excel, and Flash. It is also equipped with a floor mounted mobile stand, making it easy to move at any time.

With DetianIntelligent conference all-in-one machineSay to have a meeting immediately, no need for complicated preparation work, say to end the meeting immediately, no need to organize complex routes, and do time-consuming finishing work. Six major functions, all one machine can handle!

There are now over fifty brands on the market that produce conference all-in-one machines, with a mix of good and bad. Shenzhen Detian Technology is a company dedicated to intelligent touch all-in-one machines, with ten years of professional experience in the commercial display industry, a first-class technical team, and fully guaranteed product quality. More comprehensive after-sales service, seven day return and exchange package, one-year free repair, and lifelong maintenance. Choosing us won't be wrong! Make your purchase affordable and use it with peace of mind.

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