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What are the key technical points for cutting LCD glass with a strip screen?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-03-26

What are the key technical points for cutting LCD glass with a strip screen? Friends who have learned about strip LCD screens should know that strip screens and irregular screens are processed through cutting and are widely used in products such as bus stop signs and subway station announcement screens. Below, the editor of Kuanbo Technology will analyze the technical points of cutting LCD glass with strip screens. Let's take a look together:

The key points of strip screen cutting technology mainly include:

1、 The size needs to be precise

Because the tolerance of the assembled structural components is very small, if there is a dimensional error during the cutting of the strip screen, it will lead to the inability to assemble.

2、 Good display effect

After cutting processing, improper operation or problems with the cutting equipment itself can result in poor display effect of the processed bar screen.

3、 Cannot damage the wiring of the original screen

There are ribbon cables connected to the PCB board at the bottom of the LCD glass. If the ribbon cable is accidentally damaged during the processing of the strip screen, it may cause the strip screen to become unusable or even scrapped.

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