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The era of Shenzhen Detian Technology's color difference free splicing screen has arrived!

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-06-19

LCD splicing screenIt has been widely used in various industries, but there areLiquid crystal splicing wallThe issue of color difference is mainly reflected in the inconsistent brightness and chromaticity of the LCD splicing screen, that is, a certain part of the screen is particularly bright or dark, or other situations. Based on these issues, today we have good news to tell users that Detian has brought a new color difference free splicing screen, and the era of color difference free splicing screen has arrived.


LCD splicing screen  The causes of color difference

1. The inconsistency in brightness and chromaticity of a splicing screen can cause a difference in brightness and chromaticity of the image, usually manifested as a certain part of the image being particularly bright or dark, known as the mosaic or mosaic phenomenon.

2. From an individual perspective, the main reason for the appearance of brightness difference and color difference is the inherent physical property discreteness of LEDs. That is, due to manufacturing process reasons, the photoelectric parameters of each LED cannot be consistent. Even for the same batch, there may be a deviation of 30% to 50% in brightness, and the difference in wavelength of the LED can generally reach 5nm.

3. Due to the fact that LED is a self luminous body. And the luminous intensity is proportional to the current provided to it within a certain range. Therefore, in the process of circuit design, production, installation, and debugging, by controlling the driving current reasonably, the brightness difference can be minimized as much as possible. Using the average value as the standard value for calculation, it should be less than 15% to 20%.

In view of the common phenomena in the above industries, Detian Technology has launched this "no color difference" LCD splicing screen solution through research and development.


Technical Introduction

Under normal circumstances, we all know that,LCD splicing screenThe light source of the back panel of Samsung is composed of different numbers of LED lights, and the display effect varies depending on the panel technology of each brand. Generally speaking, compared to the normal display effect of white balance technology, Samsung panels are better than LG and BOE brand panels. But Samsung can only achieve 75% white balance display effect.

The color difference free technology solution launched by our company can improve the white balance effect to more than 96%, with basically no visible noise. Its technical principle is achieved through the combination of software and hardware. The following figure shows the comparison between a normal LCD splicing screen and the color difference free LCD splicing screen promoted by our company.

The background of the introduction of color difference free LCD splicing screens is aimed at some occasions such as conferences or exhibition halls, which are mainly used for displaying video conferences, documents, and other content. Therefore, the display effect and experience are required to be good. However, we all know that even if conventional LCD splicing screens can meet the usage requirements, they have obvious defects in white balance display when used in conferences and other occasions. Therefore, in response to this industry demand, our company's R&D team quickly tackled the problem and officially launched this color difference free display solution, which can achieve full high-definition large screen display and pure white display, making LCD large screen display increasingly used in display and conference situations.

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