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How to do a good job in cleaning and maintaining LCD splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-06-19

With the increasing advantages of LCD splicing in the field of large screen displays, users have a growing demand for LCD splicing systems. As a result, problems discovered during use have arisen, and the issue of LCD splicing screen maintenance is gradually being paid attention to by users. What should be paid attention to when using LCD splicing screens? How can maintenance be done to improve the lifespan of the splicing screen? Weikang Vision (Shenzhen) LCD Splicing Screen Company provides detailed analysis and preventive solutions for the problems that users encounter during the use of LCD splicing screens.

Common question 1: How to clean the LCD splicing screen?

1. After using the LCD splicing screen for a long time, the screen will also get dirty and become a big flower face. What should I do? It is best to use a soft, non fiber material, such as degreased cotton, lens paper, or soft cloth, and then gently wipe it off with a little glass cleaner (if there is no cleaner, use water).

2. It is prohibited to use chemical solutions such as alcohol, and rough cloth or paper materials cannot be used, as these substances are prone to scratches. It is important to remind everyone not to spray the cleaning agent directly onto the surface of the display screen, as it can easily flow into the screen and cause short circuits inside the LCD screen, resulting in unnecessary losses.

3. In addition, I have a secret to dealing with some oil stains that cannot be wiped off. I use transparent glue, apply it to the screen, and then remove it. The areas on the screen that have been pasted are very clean, and all the oil stains are stuck to the transparent glue.

FAQ 2: How to make the working time of LCD splicing screens longer?

1. To avoid LCD splicing from working at full capacity during normal hours
Although LCD splicing products can be used for a long time, if they run at full load for a long time, it will have a certain impact on them, such as leaving irreparable black spots on the screen. When splicing screens, it is not advisable to stay in the same screen for a long time.

2. Avoid violent impacts
The screen of LCD splicing products is a substance between solid and liquid, with a regular molecular arrangement of organic compounds. When heated, it presents a transparent liquid state, making it relatively fragile and prone to damage.

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