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What is the demand in the bar screen market?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-03-26

With the market promotion of the product,Nowadays, various industries have gained understanding and application of LCD strip screens,Especially widely used in the fields of rail transit and new retail,LCDBar screen with flexible size and diverse display methods,Played a transformative role in the development of advertising and signage.It also provides convenience for people's travel and guidance.

The development of current technology,A large amount of information is no longer limited to standardized push notifications,The previous standard product was limited by the size of the product's natural color,Make many places unusable as a result,Significantly reduces product utilization,In order to cooperate with the development of the intelligent industry,The LCD strip screen fills a lot of display gaps in this regard,But due to upstream factory supply and production stoppage, among other reasons,Causing continuous iterative updates of the product,It has also brought some troubles to customers.Especially throughout the year, Samsung officially announced the discontinuation of all production by the end of the yearLCDProduction of,LGWe also need to significantly reduce productionLCDpanel,Bringing some impact to the domestic display market,futureOLEDIt will be the main research and development product of the Korean brand,Domestic companies such as BOE and Huaxing OptoelectronicsLCDPanel production enterprises will also face the risk of overcapacity,Many types of low profit panel sizes have also been discontinued,As a backend manufacturer,Like Changhong, Skyworth, Konka, and Hisense,We are all facing a rhythm of constant updates.

futureLCDWhere is the panel heading,How to Develop Worth Industry's Deep Reflection,Although smart displays are ubiquitous,But in terms of healthy development, we still have a lot to do,A poor competitive environment will only exacerbate the decline of the industry,Only by exploring new fields,Change industry direction,Only then can the display industry go further,The goal of surpassing Japan and South Korea is both near and far away in the sky!

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