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DID splicing screen helps intelligent monitoring and management

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-01-07
Promote the dual revolution of enterprises from management to skills,DID splicing screenAssist New Power Security in modernizing power operations through intelligence and informatization. To ensure the safety and economy of production operations, it is necessary to require production scheduling management personnel to always, accurately, and grasp the operation situation of each link in the production process, guess and analyze the operation trend of equipment, and make timely and accurate disposal of problems generated in each link of production. All of these rely on the intuitive display of various monitoring information on the DID splicing screen in the power production scheduling management center. The LCD splicing wall has always been a vivid battlefield in the field of power application, whether it is a power station or a substation for power operations; Oil wells, oilfields, and pipelines for petroleum operations; The production of coal is still carried out in relatively barren, remote, and even harsh areas. Through LCD splicing walls, useful monitoring can be achieved. Assuming an incident occurs, corresponding adjustments can be made in a timely manner to minimize the harm at the scene of the incident.

In the current security project,DID splicing screenRelying on its own advantages such as high-definition, high brightness, and high contrast, it is hailed as a good terminal flash device, especially in some large-scale security projects. Due to the messy system architecture and integrated functions, the DID splicing screen system has become an indispensable display path.

With the widespread use of smart villages and safe villages, as well as the increasingly small demand for overseas shopping malls, the entire security operation adheres to an excellent trend of opening up, relying on the security operationDID splicing screenIt will also gain huge room for addition. In 2015, the use of security measures will still be the primary driving force for the addition of large screen display tasks, and it is naturally an important mining point for large screen flash enterprises. With the advancement of splicing skills, in recent years, a series of functions such as 3D skills, touch skills, cloud accounting, 4K flash, and travel stacking have been completed on DID splicing screens. DID splicing screens are also constantly moving towards networking, intelligence, and high-definition, satisfying new user needs; At the same time, the interest rate of DID splicing screens is also decreasing from time to time, which to some extent sets a good example for DID splicing screens to enter the category of public flash, and its prospects for opening up are very broad. High definition, intelligence, and networking are the driving forces behind the development of flash devices. In the application of project engineering, there are more stringent requirements for the image quality, standards, brightness, convenience of equipment and operation of splicing screens. More intuitive and high-definition monitoring effects have become necessary for application; Based on the current situation, it can be seen from the shopping malls that splicing large screen products will enter a diversified development.

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