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How is the LCD strip screen applied to subway and public transportation?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-11-15
LCD strip screen is a new type of display carrier that has gradually entered people's lives and work in recent years. With the widespread application of bar screens, intelligent transportation fields such as buses and subways have experienced rapid development, and the guidance screens of buses and subways are typical applications of LCD screens. Let's take a look at the application of LCD strip screens in bus and subway guidance screens.

1、 Car mounted bar screen.

Car mounted strip screens are mainly used for rear screens of buses, long-distance buses, taxis, etc. in major cities. Internally, it includes Android system circuit integration, integrating multiple functions such as advertising (video, text, images), bus navigation display, etc., Mainly serving the public, bringing more direct visual convenience to the public, and also bringing convenience to businesses in need of advertising, resulting in better results!

2、 Bus guidance screen.

The bus guide screen is a system equipment that is based on the operational development needs of the bus itself and can meet the information service needs of multiple bus line stations on one machine. Its main function is to intelligently operate independently based on the actual operating status of the vehicle and preset programs, accurately display real-time information such as the vehicle's current route, first and last trips, running direction, entry and exit stations, and switch between multiple storable bus routes as needed. At the same time, preset images and video information can be played in a loop to meet the needs of flexible and fast cross line scheduling of vehicles.

3、 Bus and subway station announcement screen.

In addition to dynamically displaying traditional bus and subway arrival information, it can also dynamically display advertising content, customize the screen height according to the vehicle installation location, and increase the carrying capacity of advertising information. Let passengers know clearly when the next bus or subway will arrive, allowing us to fully control our travel time. The bus and subway station announcement screen provides great convenience for passengers to travel.

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