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The Application of Bar Screen in Car

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-11-15

With the development of social science, technology, and economy, commercial advertising operations today place the greatest emphasis on audience and attention. It is precisely this demand for attention to economic and technological progress that has given rise to car mounted bar screens. Let's share the characteristics and functions of a bar screen below!

Car mounted bar LCD screens utilize LCD technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low-temperature technology, anti-static technology, anti-interference technology, and in car electronic technology to display information on mobile cars. They are different from ordinary bar LCD screens installed in fixed locations. From a technical perspective, due to its special application environment, the demand for car mounted long screen products far exceeds that of traditional LED displays. It has functions such as waterproofing, waterproofing, lightning protection, sun protection, dust prevention, cold protection, anti-static, anti-interference, earthquake resistance, UV protection, oxidation, overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, etc.

As a more innovative advertising information dissemination media, car mounted bar screens can not only store a large amount of text information, but also control the display of text and fonts through built-in microprocessors, achieving timed display function. They can also move and spread everywhere, completely breaking free from the constraints of traditional display fixed, and have the characteristics of mobile display. Therefore, they have been highly praised by new media advertisers.

Through market research analysis, it can be found that the audience for car mounted screens is concentrated. Taking the bus bar screen as an example, it can provide important bus and route information for passengers. In addition, the advertising effect is outstanding. Buses in a city are still one of the main means of public transportation, with millions of passengers every day. It carries a large number of people and has ten minutes of idle time, which is boring. If there is a mobile color display screen playing news, entertainment, weather, advertising information, etc., this proactive reading media can attract the attention of passengers to the maximum extent, and must be able to achieve good advertising results.

Both subway and taxi screens have the common characteristics of a wide audience and huge market potential. Once the product is widely promoted and launched, this media with a large audience and low advertising costs will attract the attention of many enterprises and advertisers. Government departments can also use it to promote public welfare, which is of great significance and function.

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