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Talking about the difference between the whole machine and bare screen of high-definition LCD splicing screen

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-26

When we ask LCD splicing screen system suppliers about splicing screen related issues, they usually ask if our requirements are for a bare screen or a complete machine?

If we are not familiar with the differences between the two and may be confused when asked, today Detian Technology will organize the differences between LCD splicing screens and bare screens for everyone.

First of all, let me talk about the composition of LCD splicing screens. The combination of LCD panel, processor, and connecting wires together is called LCD splicing screens. Usually, we classify LCD splicing screens based on their screen size, splicing size, resolution, screen brightness, etc.

1、 High definition LCD splicing screen complete machine:

The whole machine is made by adding a back shell behind the LCD panel, and then placing the processor inside to form a whole.

Advantages: Anti static, anti magnetic, anti strong electric field interference and other advantages. Made of cold steel plate material, the surface is treated with black yarn pattern spraying, with a beautiful appearance, reasonable design structure, and easy and fast installation.

Defects: Overall heavy, poor heat dissipation compared to bare screens, and relatively easy maintenance in the later stage.

2、 High definition LCD splicing screen bare screen:

Bare screen refers to the entire LCD splicing screen product without a back cover, which is simply suspended from the panel and splicing controller, and directly hung on the wall or cabinet to form a display wall.

Advantages: The advantages of this method are budget saving, thin equipment thickness, relatively light self weight, and convenient for hanging and later maintenance.

Defect: The defect is that the wires installed at the back of the screen are exposed, which is not very aesthetically pleasing, but the overall effect after edge wrapping is also relatively good.

Whether to use a bare screen or a complete machine ultimately depends on the on-site environment and the requirements of Party A!

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