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What are the common scams in the market regarding LCD splicing displays?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-11-05

With the investment in basic industries such as energy and transportation, as well as the continuous promotion of industrial automation and informatization in China, the demand for industrial applications of LCD splicing has steadily increased. Large scale monitoring, command and dispatch large screen splicing projects have been frequently completed, resulting in many large-scale splicing screen projects with over 100 LCD splicing numbers. Industry insiders predict that by 2015, China will fully enter the high-definition era, and high-definition applications will be supported by LCDs.

With the rapid development of the market, enterprises focusing on the LCD display market have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. However, due to reasons such as funding and technology, quality and service have always failed to meet industry standards. There are also many unscrupulous small businesses that use deception to mislead consumers. In short, the pitfalls in the LCD splicing market are not uncommon. Here, I would like to ask you to share some common tips in the LCD splicing industry, hoping to be useful to you.

Be careful to enter the "pit" to expose the LCD splicing display scam.

Deception 1: The faint light pretends to be strong light.

Scam 2: TV panel modification machine.

Trick three: Old machine modification.

Scam Four: Event Promotion.

Scam 5: Low first and then high.

Scam 6: Use small to make big.

Scam 7: No after-sales service.

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