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How to measure the seam and distance of narrow edge splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-09

Narrow edge splicing screen wall refers to a splicing screen with ultra narrow seams. Different sizes have different splicing seams. We have narrow edge splicing screens of 0.88mm, 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 3.5mm, and 5.5mm!

The gap between the crack and both sides is the required seam width. Bilateral requirement is 1.7-3.5 millimeters. The requirement for 3.5mm pins on both sides should not be too high. Currently, some can reach a size of 1.7 millimeters.

The display effect is related to the requirements of assembly technology and CPU processing speed. Observe the splicing effect and observe the optical splicing effect; Image response speed. And whether the screen gap is within an acceptable range. Long distance observation and close range observation. Whether or not to skip the screen. Screen splicing requires cleanliness. No scratches. Uniform brightness and lighting. There is also visual inspection. And hand inspection. View adjacent screens for a full white screen check. Check if the gap width is consistent. Smooth texture. Check if the tool meets the requirements of the installation contract.

What is the minimum seam for narrow edge splicing screens currently available

As of now, the seam of Samsung LCD panels has reached 1.7mm, and the seam of LG panels is 0.88mm In fact, there is a one millimeter gap between LCD screens, so many merchants only promote splicing before installation and do not have the splicing effect after installation.

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