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The reason why LCD splicing screens are popular in the industry

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-09-26

In recent years, the strong research and support from the Chinese government for the LCD splicing screen industry has directly promoted the development of LCD splicing screens in China, and the demand for market economy has become increasingly common. More and more customers are choosing LCD splicing screens as the world's top target when choosing commercial display products. LCD splicing screens can be seen in various industries such as energy, mining, electricity, and water resources for production-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in the management of finance, education, military, transportation, and many others.

1. LCD splicing screen products are stable, fault free, and have low maintenance costs.

Liquid crystal materials are the most stable and reliable display devices, as their heat generation is very small and the equipment is very stable. The equipment will not be damaged due to temperature rise caused by misoperation. And a temperature control system has been added to the equipment. When the temperature reaches 80 degrees, our cooling system will automatically start the cooling fan for heat treatment.

2. The LCD splicing screen has high resolution and clearer images.

The dot pitch of LCD is much smaller than that of plasma, and the physical spatial resolution analysis can easily reach or exceed national standards and clarity. The brightness and contrast of LCD are high, and the image is clearer. The color application is bright and bright, and the flat display has no curvature, and the image is stable and flickerless.

3. LCD splicing screen has a long lifespan

Lcd splicing screen is a device with a long service life. Even if the backlight lifespan is the shortest, it can reach 50000 hours, which affects a certain level of brightness. It requires replacing the backlight tube to restore the original bright color. This is basically ten times longer than the lifespan of projection LCD backlight projection lights. The biggest difference is that BSV LCD display screen technology is more mature, significantly saving, and its advantages and disadvantages are not obvious.

4. LCD splicing screen technology is being updated.

The technology enterprises of LCD splicing screens have been continuously developing, optimizing product performance, and striving to seamlessly connect splicing screens. Nowadays, LCD splicing screens can almost achieve seamless data splicing, which is a significant progress that proves that research on LCD splicing technology has not reached new heights. With the development of science, technology, and economy, splicing technology issues will continue to learn and improve to achieve their true "seamless" meaning

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