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Reasons for abandoning giant screens and switching to seamless splicing screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-09-26

Why do we choose seamless screen splicing instead of large screens?

I believe everyone has seen large screens constantly playing advertisements in shopping malls, which have been widely used in various public places both indoors and outdoors since a long time ago; But now, with the development of technology, it is rare to see such a large integrated display screen indoors. Instead, it is a "seamless splicing screen" composed of LCD displays pieced together.

So why give up the overall feeling and choose a seamless splicing screen with borders to shatter the image?

The emergence of all things has its meaning. If the large screen is replaced by a small screen, there will definitely be different advantages. From a transportation perspective, the entire large screen is not very convenient to transport back and forth, and it is extremely inflexible to move. In order to meet the needs of the market, only by making the screen smaller can we enter thousands of households and establish a foothold in the market, giving birth to splicing screens.

Furthermore, although seamless splicing of screens may appear to have a strong overall sense, we also have its shortcomings. If no part is damaged or defective, it will directly affect the aesthetic of the entire screen. Replacing it for the sake of one piece of damage is costly and can lead to unnecessary waste. Splicing screens has thus gained a market for application research.

Of course, the benefits of seamless splicing screens far outweigh these, and seamless splicing screens can be used as separate displays or assembled into large screens. According to different usage requirements, achieve variable large and small screen functions: single screen partition display, single screen split display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, dual screen LCD splicing, vertical screen display, optional compensation or masking of image frames, support for digital signal roaming, scaling, cross screen display, various display presets and operations, and real-time processing of high-definition signals.

It can be said that the benefits of seamless splicing screens are countless, including high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, low energy consumption, and so on. This is also the reason why he captured the market so quickly. In addition to these superhard features, splicing screens also have the advantage of being different from large screens, that is, the lifespan of LCD splicing screens is very long, three times that of LCD screens, and they are rich in colors, durable, with strong functions, low maintenance costs, high clarity, and rich colors.

If there are any drawbacks to seamless splicing screens, it is splicing. As it is composed of multiple panel data, there will be splicing gaps on the screen. However, the gaps of seamless splicing screens in our current Chinese market usually do not have their own impact. Nowadays, splicing has also shrunk to 1.7mm, and it is even close to achieving seamless 0.88 seamless splicing screens

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