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The market development of narrow edge splicing screens driven by high-definition and intelligence

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-08-03

With the rapid development of society, new technological products have emerged from time to time. Take the field of security monitoring as an example. LCD is currently recognized as the most suitable monitoring terminal product for security backup domains in society. It is widely loved by users for its high service life, high-definition display, high resolution, low power consumption, and other characteristics.


Driven by more new technologies, it is bound to promote the rapid upgrading of security and other industries. As far as monitors are concerned, LCD monitors were once mature products of full HD LCD. However, from the current situation of HD monitoring technology, users' demands for monitors will become higher and higher. Therefore, HD display devices must follow the trend of the entire HD monitoring market to further improve the performance of products and meet the growing demand for HD monitoring with innovative and progressiveness products.


Nowadays, in many large enterprises and companies, the convenience brought by video conferencing in daily work is obvious, and the narrow edge splicing screen monitoring display terminal has also become one of the innovative directions for many equipment manufacturers. From more delicate imaging, clearer visual effects, more precise positioning, more dynamic interactive monitoring, etc., we aim to comprehensively create high-end monitoring and display products that meet market demand. With the current miniaturization and convenience of video surveillance systems, video surveillance terminals have become increasingly flexible and widespread.


From the current development situation, the entire narrow edge splicing screen video monitoring system will be expanding towards high-definition and intelligent direction. As for the back-end display equipment, LCD monitor technology will also follow the market trend, towards low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, ultra-light and thin, high contrast, multifunctional, low cost, flicker free, full HD display, fluent images, and wide viewing angles. The technology of frame insertion and frequency doubling, video processing, intelligent computing, IPS's hard screen display full view technology, and even Android technology will all be demonstrated in every aspect. In the future, multifunctional and multi element monitoring and display devices will become the direction of development, and market demand will also show diversification and differentiation. Video monitoring will once again break through more application categories. With the constant testing and penetration of various advanced technologies in video surveillance, we believe that future video surveillance will bring us an increasingly broad application space.

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