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What are the quotes for LCD screens to see

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-07-28

Many customers, when purchasing LCD splicing screens, are not very familiar with the quotation for a complete set of LCD splicing screens, and often decide their purchase intention based on the price fluctuation. In fact, this is incorrect. In addition to price, we also need to pay attention to other aspects, such as production quality, technical support, after-sales service, etc. Therefore, a complete set of LCD splicing screen quotations include multiple aspects, mainly as follows:

1、 The product itself

1. Product dimensions

The quotation for LCD splicing screens is based on a single screen. Generally, there are three common sizes: 46 inches, 49 inches, and 55 inches. In the case of the same specifications, the larger the common size, the higher the price. Of course, it is necessary to eliminate the elements of different panel brands.

2. Joint size

There will be a physical border between the LCD splicing units, which is called a seam in the industry. The seam is a very important parameter for LCD splicing screens. Generally speaking, the smaller the seam, the higher the precision required by the technology, ultimately improving the overall display effect of the splicing large screen and the visual experience of the audience. However, the smaller the seam, the higher the price naturally. This is usually chosen based on one's own theoretical application requirements.

3. Panel brand

Currently, there are only a few global LCD splicing screen manufacturers, mainly composed of three major brands: Samsung, LG, and BOE, as well as some domestic brands. The technical stability of various Mina like brands varies, and their industry recognition also varies. The price of their panels will also contribute to differences in the price of crystal splicing screens. However, currently, the recognition of Samsung, LG, and BOE in the market is relatively high.

2、 Technology and Service

The quotation of LCD splicing screens directly affects our consumption. Everyone hopes to buy products that are good and cost-effective. In fact, most people do not want to buy low-priced products, but want to buy those with high cost-effectiveness. Especially in some security monitoring stations, there is a demand for a 24-hour uninterrupted working mode, so the stability of LCD splicing screens is highly demanded. At this time, attention should also be paid to the following points: overall quality assurance, even for panel brands with the same size and seam, due to differences in assembly process standards and controller quality from consumer manufacturers, there will still be significant differences in production quality, which will greatly affect our later use and repair rate.

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