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What are the advantages of DID splicing screen decoders

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-07-03
  DID splicing screenDecoders are generally referred to as decoders, as they are mainly used in the DID splicing screen series. Therefore, many people also know what the term splicing screen decoder means. The splicing screen decoder is a splicing decoder system based on network technology, which uses splicing controllers and various traditional software and hardware to transmit data. What are the advantages of splicing screen decoders?

1、 Overlay roaming cross screen decoding: DID splicing screen decoder can achieve overlay roaming cross screen decoding, which can replace many matrix series products. It is often used in the monitoring industry, conference systems, and display systems. Each splicing screen has multiple signal windows, which are different in size and position, and can be stacked together to achieve cross screen roaming.

2、 Strong compatibility: The splicing screen decoder supports multiple transmission protocols and matrix protocols, and the provided audio and video signals can be well compatible on the splicing screen.

3、 Visualization operation: Cloud based control, strong visualization, just use the app or browser to enter the management address for easy management.

4、 High image quality: The splicing screen decoder fully uses the decoder for transmission, with high image quality and no distortion.

5、 Network based: The DID splicing screen decoder can realize the transmission of audio and video only where there is the Internet. Based on network transmission, it can save the cost of laying many lines, and has low requirements for the use environment.

6、 Seamless docking: The DID splicing screen decoder does not limit the number of bitstreams, and each signal can be directly connected to the cloud screen for roaming and overlay display. Only the built-in splicing screen decoder is needed, without the need for device adjustment, and has strong compatibility.

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