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What should different types of advertisements be displayed simultaneously?

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-03-11

Sometimes, we want to present multiple ads on a single advertising machine, what should we do? At this point, we can choose to purchase a split screen advertising machine to achieve this advertising effect.

actuallyCommercial advertising machineThere are many classifications, and split screen LCD advertising machines are also one of them. It can meet the needs of customers for multiple simultaneous placements.

Every day, it can be divided into 128 parts. Can complete a list. One month of program time, different time zones support different split screen modes. So, let's follow the editor of Detian Technology to learn about its basic functions?
Broadcast program files

If there is a broadcast list in the CF card and the timing of the LCD advertising machine is set, the LCD advertising machine will automatically broadcast based on the switching time and program broadcast sequence set in the broadcast list.
Rolling Marquee Subtitles

Marquee scrolling subtitles are advertisements or other text content that LCD advertisers require when scrolling and displaying program files on the screen. The broadcast list file can

Modify the scrolling subtitles of the running lights for 31 days at once; Each day can be divided into 128 broadcast cycles, which can be set to precise minutes.

LCD advertising machine split screen

When broadcasting programs, LCD advertising machines can broadcast different screens according to the user's own needs. If it is an independent version of the advertising machine, it can only correct split screen.

If it were an advertising mechanism manufacturer, now many offline catering stores have used split screen advertising machines, and users can play different types of advertisements according to their own needs,

Just drag the window to adjust the share during program production in the background.

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