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What is the difference between commercial advertising machines and home televisions?

Author:admin / Publication time:2020-03-11
About General Display Screen and Commercial Display Screen(Commercial advertising machineThe difference is a common issue, and those who have some understanding of commercial displays can know some differences in the clarity of their lifespan. Here, the editor of Detian Technology will also briefly explain.


Commercial LCD screen products (LCD advertising machines, contact all-in-one machines) have the function of intuitively reflecting image quality. In addition, the full resolution of 1920 * 1080/3840 * 2160 is preferred for the selection of flash devices in the broadcasting and television field. The resolution of professional flash devices is automatically adjusted according to the flash output (which can be supported horizontally and vertically); Its high reliability and high-definition flash will ensure that you can flash the edited high-definition audio and video signals perfectly in front of the viewer. However, typical flash devices only support the commonly used TV resolutions specified in the instruction manual for processing, and special resolutions can cause screen distortion.



Due to the need for connectivity, commercial LCD display products (LCD advertising machines, contact all-in-one machines) generally customize motherboards and software according to user needs, and based on the user's usage scenarios

Diversified development is required for the functional requirements of the application, and firmware and software functions are rewritten one-on-one; Not standardized products for televisions.

LCD panel

Although both commercial and civilian displays use TFT liquid crystal panels, the differences between them are mainly reflected in the size of liquid crystal molecules, imaging processing and color, brightness and contrast, and visual viewpoint. The liquid crystal molecules that make up a typical LCD display panel are larger than those of commercial display panels, as the viewing distance for commercial displays generally does not exceed 1 meter,

The most important thing is to reflect the details, so the liquid crystal molecules formed should be smaller, and of course, such panels are also more expensive. And the most important aspect of a typical LCD display is

In order to reflect the entire picture, the requirements for subtle parts are not very strict, and more importantly, the use of large molecule liquid crystals can reduce costs.


Commercial LCD display products generally require 24-hour continuous operation to meet the needs of flashing various information, and the environment is much worse than that of civilian flash devices, which puts higher requirements on the functionality of the product. Compared with general display devices, commercial displays have much greater current, power consumption, temperature, electrical interference resistance, electrical shock capability and margin, as well as uniform and barrier free usage time in terms of planning. Commercial displays must also use fully shielded metal casings to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and interference functionality. In terms of component selection, the voltage resistance, current, temperature, humidity, and other characteristics of components used in commercial displays must be higher than those used in televisions.

In addition, in terms of equipment, debugging, especially the process requirements for component and whole machine aging, the requirements for commercial display are also higher. During the production of general display screen equipment, the overall aging of the machine is average

It needs to be powered on at room temperature for about 8 hours on the assembly line, while the overall aging of the commercial display needs to be powered on and aged for more than 24 hours on the aging flow line in a high temperature, high humidity, and sealed environment,

To ensure the stability of the entire machine.


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