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What are the future development prospects of seamless splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-29

  Seamless splicing screenIt is a newly launched large screen display product that we often see in exhibition halls, conference rooms, unit halls, and other occasions. With the continuous improvement of seamless splicing technology in recent years, it has been increasingly understood by more and more consumers, and its application areas are also increasing. So, what are the development prospects of seamless splicing screens in the future?


From the current market situation, people are constantly demanding the quality and performance of large screen display products, and seamless splicing screens are responding to people's demands by constantly upgrading and innovating the quality and performance of products. Therefore, its future development prospects are very promising, specifically manifested in:

1. Good display effect

In addition to seamless splicing screens, popular large screen display products nowadays include LCD splicing screens, LED displays, DLP splicing screens, etc. LCD splicing screens also have good image clarity, but splicing has always been its bottleneck. Although significant breakthroughs have been made in this area in recent years, with a minimum splicing of 0.88mm, there is still a slight impact of black splicing on the integrated display of large screens; Although LED display screens are not affected by stitching, their image display is self illuminating technology. If people watch them for a long time or observe them up close, it will cause significant damage to the eyes, and the display effect is not as good as LCD technology; The DLP splicing screen adopts backlight projection technology, and the display effect is also high. However, due to its high price, it exceeds the consideration range of most customers, so seamless splicing screen will have more advantages in the display effect.

2. Diversified functions

Through the large screen display system, it can support multiple control methods and protocols, achieve unified calling of communication protocols for devices from different manufacturers, and support linkage of AV, VGA, DVI, and HDML matrices from different manufacturers and models to meet various needs; In terms of diversified display methods, it can achieve various display operations such as single screen, overlay, picture in picture, full screen, cross screen roaming, displacement, and image segmentation and scaling. These functions are also not available in LED displays, DLP splicing screens, and other products. Therefore, seamless splicing screens are widely used in various industries.

3. Large market scope

Due to the powerful function of seamless splicing screens, which is also a major reason for its large market scope, such as in the field of security monitoring. In the past, its display terminals generally used industrial monitors, LCD splicing screens, etc. However, in today's security monitoring fields, higher requirements are also being put forward for the visual display effect, so the market share of seamless splicing screens in the security industry will also be increasing; Nowadays, exhibitions usually use large screen display devices to display information, advertisements, videos, and other promotional materials. Seamless splicing screens have better display effects and powerful functions, which naturally attract more and more attention from people; In addition, the same applies to applications such as conference rooms

So, the development prospects of seamless splicing screens in the future are naturally promising, but they cannot meet the current situation, because in the fiercely competitive market, only by continuously improving our comprehensive strength and advantages can we seamless splicing screen manufacturers obtain more development opportunities.

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