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How to choose a LCD splicing manufacturer?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-20

LCD splicing is widely used in our daily lives and can often be seen. So how do we choose a LCD splicing manufacturer? Now let Detian Technology answer for you!


With the increasing demand for LCD splicing large screens in today's society, the demand for large screen display equipment in fields such as security monitoring, commercial displays, enterprise conferences, exhibition halls, etc. is increasing. At the same time, the number of LCD splicing large screen manufacturers is also constantly increasing. However, behind this number, there is a certain gap in the strength, products or services of each manufacturer, which can be basically divided into three categories. The first level is well-known domestic large brands, which have strong comprehensive strength but high prices, such as Hikvision and Dahua brands. The second type is medium-sized brands, focusing on the field of LCD splicing large screens, emphasizing brand building, and providing excellent quality and cost-effective services. For example, Weikang and Aipule have been recognized by many customers in practical applications. The third type is low-end manufacturers, who generally command to seek customers at low prices, regardless of quality or service. Basically, there is no guarantee. So, how do we ensure the quality and service of our products when choosing a LCD splicing large screen manufacturer?

1、 Let's first look at the manufacturer's strength

1. Is there a factory available

The strength of the manufacturer can to some extent ensure the quality and after-sales situation of the product. For example, if they have their own factory, it means that the product is produced by themselves, not OEM, and can ensure that the panel is Samsung or LG. This can be verified by personally visiting the factory for inspection. Strict control and factory testing are carried out in all aspects of assembly, which can maximize the product's compliance with relevant department inspections. However, without a factory, it is difficult to ensure this aspect.

2. Technical support and after-sales service quality

On the other hand, the stronger the strength of large screen LCD splicing screen manufacturers, the more comprehensive their after-sales service is usually. When a company reaches a certain level, it is not only about selling products, but also more about maintaining customers and seeking long-term development with comprehensive services. Generally speaking, strong manufacturers will have professional technical teams, which not only include installation, but also comprehensive services such as subsequent technical support, scheme design, and on-site maintenance. Small manufacturers generally do not have these capabilities.

3. Number of certified qualifications and honors

The qualifications and industry honors obtained by manufacturers of large screen LCD splicing screens are a sign of their strength. We can judge their strength through these qualifications, such as whether they have obtained CCC production certification, energy-saving certification, environmental labeling product certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, etc. These are several important certificates in the industry. If they all have them, their strength can be fully determined because small companies cannot obtain these certificates. These certificates are issued by relevant national departments after on-site inspection and review, and must meet certain conditions. In addition, they also need to be audited every year, which is very strict.

4. Number of cases

Some companies claim to have installed tens of thousands of cases, which is usually believed by users to be true. In fact, some are false advertising. We can make a simple judgment by looking at the company's business license, which year it was established, how many years it has been in the industry, and the average number of cases per year. After calculation, we can determine.

Since entering this industry in 2006, our company has only completed nearly 8000 cases in its 14 year development process, with an average of just over 500 cases per year. This is already quite a lot, while some companies claim to have tens of thousands of cases within just three or two years of entering the industry, and the truth can be easily determined.

2、 Don't just focus on low prices

The price factor has always been a determining factor in our procurement direction, and any product is no exception. Different manufacturers of large screen LCD splicing screens believe that prices also vary, but the quality and service of the products behind the differences are inevitably different. For example, products of the same size and stitching may be Samsung panels, LG panels, or domestic panels. Different panel brands have different display effects, and the prices naturally vary. In addition, there are also differences in the quality of various accessories.

Secondly, in terms of after-sales service, this is an important factor that determines the price. For example, manufacturers who provide professional technology for free on-site installation and lifetime on-site after-sales service, as well as those who only ship without installation or find local partners for installation, and those who do not provide on-site service if they break down in the later stage, and require users to disassemble and send logistics back to the factory for maintenance, there must be a price difference between the two. In addition to getting what you pay for, you get what you pay for. This is beyond doubt.

In addition, we can also inquire about the industry reputation, brand, and other factors of LCD splicing screen manufacturers, and whether they can cooperate with project bidding, design schemes, and renderings, which are all factors that determine our choice of direction.

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