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Do seamless splicing screens really have seams? Detian Technology answers for you

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-18

  Seamless splicing screenAre seamless splicing screens really seamless, as they are widely used in our daily lives? Detian Technology will answer for you.

I believe everyone has seen seamless LCD splicing screens in this era. When someone asks, is it really seamless? Many people's response is "there are gaps, I have seen seamless ones.". This may be a response from many people, but what I want to tell you is that this response is incorrect. To be precise, this response is not comprehensive. Now let's introduce what a truly seamless LCD splicing product is like.


At present, there are two types of seamless LCD splicing screens on the market: one is optical seamless LCD splicing screens, which is what people call seamless splicing screens. However, there is still a physical splicing seam. Yes, yes, optical seamless LCD splicing screens do have a 0.1mm physical splicing seam. This is because when optical seamless LCD splicing screens are spliced, a 0.1mm physical splicing seam must be reserved for the optical glass splicing, because there is a 0.1mm active gap when the optical glass shows thermal expansion and contraction, to avoid compression and damage of the optical glass. This is the seamless LCD splicing screen that everyone sees.

Another type is an electronic seamless LCD splicing screen, which is a real seamless LCD splicing screen, commonly known as a 0 seam LCD splicing screen. The principle of this seamless splicing is to install a special LED patch on each black seam. After being powered on and lit up, this LED patch function achieves the function of an LED splicing screen for image display, and the blending rate with the LCD splicing screen reaches over 95%. This large LCD splicing screen looks like a super large LCD splicing screen. Due to the high difficulty factor of this seamless LCD splicing screen process, which leads to a high cost, many people have little understanding of electronic seamless LCD splicing screens, which is why the opening statement states that many people have seen seamless LCD splicing screens, which are seamless LCD splicing screens with seams. And this technology is increasingly being applied in modern life.

At the same time, seamless splicing of screens effectively solves the problem of large viewing angles. For early LCD products, the viewing angle was once a major limitation of LCD, but with the continuous advancement of LCD skills, this problem has now been completely solved. The DID LCD screen used for the LCD splicing curtain wall can achieve a viewing angle of over 178 degrees, and has now achieved a certain viewing angle effect. There is also a high-resolution situation, where the dot pitch of liquid crystals is much smaller than that of plasma, and the physical resolution can easily reach and exceed high-definition standards. The brightness and contrast of liquid crystals are high, and the colors are bright and bright. The splicing skills of liquid crystals reach a pure flat surface and flash completely without curvature, ensuring the image is stable and not flickering. Further demonstrating that seamless splicing screens are more suitable for the needs of modern consumers.

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