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What are the advantages of seamless splicing screens in the field of security monitoring?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-03

With the acceleration of urban infrastructure construction in China, the security monitoring industry has become increasingly important. With the improvement of seamless splicing screen quality and technology, it has been widely used in the field of security monitoring. So,Seamless splicing screenWhat are the advantages of security monitoring in the field? Shenzhen LCD splicing screen manufacturer analyzes its advantages for everyone, hoping to be helpful.


  1、 Any splicing combination

Compared with traditional LCD monitors, the display area of seamless splicing screens is not limited by size and can be spliced according to actual needs. Generally, splicing units can be as small as a few pieces or as large as over a hundred pieces, and are not affected by the number of splices, resulting in good display effects.

  2、 Superior quality and performance

Seamless splicing screens not only continue the advantages of LCD display technology, but also make significant improvements on it, such as using the principle of optical refraction to solve the physical black edge effect of LCD screen splicing, allowing the large screen image to achieve an integrated display effect; Alternatively, electronic LED compensation technology can be used to eliminate the physical black edge effect of LCD screen splicing and achieve color synchronization restoration, making the display of images or videos clearer and more beautiful,. In addition, seamless splicing screens have significant advantages over large screen display products such as LED full-color screens or DLP splicing screens in terms of brightness, contrast, response speed, display color, and viewing angle.

  3、 Diversified functions

Paired with large screen splicing control software, it can achieve multiple control methods, including frame compensation function, intelligent temperature control fan, plan management, screen parameter switching function, encryption function, color adjustment function, etc., showcasing intelligent management mode, which can better meet the needs of the security monitoring industry for large screen display equipment.

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