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The development trend and application of seamless splicing screens

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-09-02

  Seamless splicing screenIt has been several years since its launch, and its features such as high-definition display, seamless splicing, and stable operation have been increasingly recognized by consumers. In recent years, its sales have also continued to rise, and its application areas are mainly in high-end display occasions, such as exhibition halls, command centers, and intelligent conference rooms.

In recent years, exhibition halls have received increasing attention from people, and large screen display devices are the main way for exhibition halls to express meaning and convey information. Although LCD splicing screens, DLP splicing screens, and LED displays also have good display effects, the problem of black edge gaps in LCD splicing screens has a certain visual impact on the display of integrated large screen images; DLP splicing screens also have certain stitching, but the single screen size can reach 84 inches, which can reduce the impact of black stitching to a certain extent. However, the price is relatively high, exceeding the price budget of most users; Although small pitch LEDs do not have the effect of stitching, due to the use of self luminous display technology, long-term viewing can cause certain harm to the eyes, and the display effect is not as clear as LCD technology. So, seamless splicing screens are the preferred choice for large screen display in exhibition halls.

The design of seamless splicing screens not only continues the advantages of LCD technology, but also makes significant breakthroughs in splicing technology, such as LED electronic compensation technology and optical compensation technology, which eliminate the influence of black borders. From various angles, the integrated screen of the large screen can achieve unobstructed display, with a single screen resolution of up to 1920p. Multiple screen splicing can achieve 4K/6K/8K or higher resolution display.

With the increasing maturity of seamless splicing technology, its production costs have been decreasing, which can not only adapt to more consumer groups, but also be widely applied in other industries. For seamless splicing screen manufacturers, in addition to occupying a larger market share, they will also gain greater development opportunities.

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