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What kind of LCD splicing screen is good for office use?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-10-18

In many corporate offices, installationLCD splicing screenEquipment is quite common, and there are four main types of popular devices: small pitch LED display screens, smart conference tablets, projectors, LCD splicing screens, which are generally used to display corporate culture, product promotion, information announcements, or video playback. So what are the advantages of each of these devices?

  1、 Small pitch LED display screen

The advantages of small pitch LED display screens include: no seams, unlimited size splicing, and good display effect. However, it also has its shortcomings. Due to the use of self luminous display technology, if viewed for a long time, it may be harmful to the eyes. Although it is not affected by seams, the display cannot meet the high standard technology of LCD display, and its price is relatively high, which is also an important consideration for users. Therefore, only a small number of users will choose small pitch LED display screens.

  2、 Smart Meeting Tablet

The smart conference tablet is an emerging office application product in recent years. Its regular size is 65-100 inches, with a resolution of 4K high-definition display. It also has relatively complete functions, such as remote video conferencing, wireless projection/two-way control, precise touch/handwriting, and can be fixed to the wall or conveniently moved with wheel brackets. However, the size limit is one of its drawbacks. The maximum size is only 100 inches, which may appear too small if used in large offices.

  3、 Projector

In earlier years, projectors were a common type of large screen display product in offices, and their low market price was also a major factor in people's popularity. However, its shortcomings include unclear projected images and high product failure rates, and the brightness is generally insufficient. In situations with strong lighting, the projected image will be blurry. With the rise of other large screen display products in recent years, people are increasingly dissatisfied with their quality and performance, so projectors are gradually being phased out by the office.

  3、 LCD splicing screen

LCD splicing screens were mainly used in the field of security monitoring in the past, but in recent years, with the rapid development of LCD splicing technology, they have also been widely used in various commercial display fields, including offices. Compared to other large screen display products, its screen display is clearer and brighter, runs stably, has a long service life, and is relatively cheaper in terms of price. The ability to perform unlimited splicing is also one of its main advantages. According to the actual needs of the office, it can be spliced arbitrarily to achieve more reasonable and efficient usage effects.

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