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What is the impact of dust on LCD splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2019-10-14

We all know that dust has a significant impact on electronic products. If it enters the interior of electronic products, it can cause damage to the products, and in severe cases, even affect their normal use. LCD splicing screens belong to electronic display products, and they can also be affected by dust. So, regarding the impact of dust onLCD splicing screenWhat are the impacts? And how should we avoid it?


Firstly, dust will adhere to the surface of the LCD splicing screen, causing the display image of the LCD splicing screen to become blurry and affecting people's viewing. When this situation occurs, we should promptly use professional screen cleaning solution and a relatively soft cloth to wipe the dust adsorbed on the LCD splicing screen to prevent it from entering the interior of the screen and affecting the internal hardware facilities.

Secondly, dust can enter the interior of the LCD splicing screen, affecting the internal color wheel speed. Those who are familiar with LCD splicing screens know that the color wheel is a very important accessory on the LCD splicing screen, and its operating speed is also very high. If a large amount of dust is adsorbed inside the splicing screen, it will make it difficult for the color wheel to operate at high speed, which will cause the LCD splicing screen to malfunction.

Finally, if dust enters the interior of the LCD splicing screen, it will also affect the display brightness of the splicing screen. Over time, the brightness of the display screen will gradually decrease, and the expected display effect will not be achieved, which will bring losses to the enterprise and greatly affect the service life of the LCD splicing screen.

If dust has entered the interior of the LCD splicing screen and needs to be treated, it is necessary to seek professional personnel to disassemble and reduce damage to the product itself.

Dust has such a profound impact on LCD splicing screens, so manufacturers must take preventive measures during production to lay a solid foundation for subsequent use. Users should also pay attention to whether there is dust adsorption on the surface and whether dust enters the interior of the product during daily use, and promptly handle it.

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