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The potential wealth blue ocean of commercial advertising machines

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-11-11

Nowadays, the advertising channels in China's advertising industry are offline and online, traditional media, and new media. All of these advertising models have many unsolvable factors such as high advertising thresholds, long replacement cycles, and high advertising costs, which make many companies hesitate. The shared advertising machine born under the sharing economy is about to break the current pattern of the advertising industry. Sharing advertisements is a potential blue ocean of wealth.

At present, there are tens of thousands of sharing economy companies in China, which are influencing the lives and consumption patterns of people in various industries and driving the changes of the times. With the help of the Internet, Shenzhen Detian Technology Co., Ltd. has created and launched an innovative intelligent advertising model - "shared advertising", which is a business model of shared advertising. Through shared advertising platforms and big data analysis, we will deeply explore the value of the "sharing economy" in the offline media field. Through the Internet, the platform has broken through online and offline barriers, forming a new business model of shared advertising that "everyone is an advertiser, and everyone is the king of traffic". It can effectively solve the pain points of traditional advertising and fully leverage its own advantages to achieve the best results in enterprise advertising. If you are a WeChat merchant, individual store owner, small brand merchant, etc. Welcome to choose Zhongyuan Sharing to advertise your product.

Shenzhen Detian Technology Co., Ltd. covers the core consumer groups in the city, and merchants can advertise for different regions, industries, and audiences anytime and anywhere, creating a brand new advertising experience for customers. On the one hand, it has achieved the promotional goal of "delivering the right advertising information to the right audience at the right time", achieved precise advertising and marketing, greatly reducing the customer acquisition costs of advertisers and the operational costs of enterprises. On the other hand, visual advertising is more conducive to businesses tracking the entire advertising chain.

It can be foreseen that technology sharing advertising between China and India will lead people's conceptual innovation and create a new era of shared advertising. Zhongyuan Technology, an Internet based intelligent hardware integrated solution development service provider, will help the industry to drain and escort, and Zhongyuan Technology will continue to lead the era of shared advertising! If you have brand promotion needs or entrepreneurial franchise needs, please consult Shenzhen Detian Technology Co., Ltd!

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