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What is the effect of seamless splicing of screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-12-13

In recent years, with the increasing demand for splicing screen display effects, the introduction of seamless splicing technology has quickly attracted attention in the industry. This technology adopts light source compensation technology to achieve seamless display of spliced screens, unaffected by black edges, and enables better display of large screen images, providing clearer large screen display solutions for many high-end display occasions.

1、 Technical.

The seamless display technology of screen splicing is still an improvement on the basis of the original LCD splicing screen. The border part of the original LCD panel is removed through technical processing, and a luminous plate composed of two rows of small spacing LED beads is added to the side and connected to the LCD to solve the luminous problem; And in the front position, it is packaged with high transparency polymer material to tightly fit the entire LED part with the LCD panel. During normal display, the overall brightness is unified, and the part that was originally blocked by the LCD frame is restored.

Due to the limitations of LCD technology itself, it cannot be borderless because there is a liquid crystal inside the panel, and the border is added to prevent exposure. Therefore, with the continuous advancement of technology, the edge width can no longer be completely eliminated. Therefore, seamless splicing technology is also an indirect way to achieve seamless display, which is equivalent to using the fusion principle of LCD and LED to solve the problem of splicing that troubles users.

The second is the display effect.

The above picture is a seamless splicing screen installed by our company in a conference room, using this compensation technology. From the screen display, we can clearly see that there is no black edge between the entire screen, and the image displayed on the whole screen is more complete and visually unobstructed, achieving both high-definition LCD display and solving the problem of LCD splicing.

Previously, most splicing screen products were used for security monitoring and display, so users did not have high requirements for their splicing size. They only needed to be able to achieve on-screen display and stable operation of all video images. However, in recent years, the number of meeting rooms has continued to increase, and splicing screens have also been used as large screen displays in exhibition halls and other occasions. These occasions are usually text files, webpage content, information, etc. If there is a clear black edge, it will greatly affect the viewing experience. However, for users with low resolution products like LED, they are also unwilling to use LED screens. Therefore, in response to this market demand, major panel brand suppliers have also launched many ultra narrow edge products, such as LG0.88mm LCD splicing screens. Its display effect has greatly improved.

Even the smallest seams will have a black border, so we have launched this seamless display technology for splicing screens through years of research and development. It perfectly combines LED and LCD to launch a better indoor high-definition display solution.

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