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Advertising machine wall mounting bracket

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-12-10

Wall mounted advertising machines, also known as LCD screens installed on walls, have good aesthetic effects and safety requirements due to their small size and relatively light weight. However, installation of wall mounted advertising machines can be a bit cumbersome, requiring the use of appropriate size and specifications of advertising machine wall mounting brackets. Taking into account factors such as mechanics and structure, the best solution can be determined. The following text will provide examples of price recommendations and reinforcement methods for advertising machine wall mounting brackets.

The selection of wall mounted advertising machine racks

Although LCD screens are becoming lighter and lighter, they need to be firmly hung on the wall to ensure that they will not fall off for a long time, and the quality of the hanging bracket is crucial. Advertising machine hangers can generally be divided into adjustable angle hangers and fixed angle hangers. Adjustable angle hangers can generally be adjusted up, down, left, right, and stretched to change the viewing angle. A fixed angle hanger is a bracket that fixes the angle after installation. If the materials are the same, adjustable brackets are generally more expensive than fixed angle brackets.

The price of a good wall hanger often ranges from a few hundred yuan, while the price of a low-quality wall hanger ranges from a few tens of yuan. To ensure the safety of wall mounted advertising machines, it is recommended not to choose products with poor quality just to save money when choosing wall mounted racks.

Reinforcement method for the installation surface of wall mounted advertising machines

For installation surfaces that do not meet the requirements, corresponding reinforcement and support measures need to be taken. Specifically, reinforcement is mainly aimed at the local wall of the wall mounted advertising machine to increase its load-bearing capacity.

The methods for reinforcing the installation surface of wall mounted advertising machines include opening the wall and pouring concrete locally, and adding boards with good nail grip on both sides of the local wall, such as large core boards, as support. In addition, steel structures can also be used locally for reinforcement treatment. In short, there are many methods for wall reinforcement, and the most suitable method can be selected according to the actual situation.

The above example is about the advice and information on purchasing advertising machine wall mounted brackets. From this, it can be seen that although most wall mounted advertising machines have a relatively small volume and light weight, hanging them on the wall is not a problem at all. However, considering that falling may cause trouble in the later stage, the best suggestion is to choose a corresponding size and specification of advertising machine wall mounted bracket. Through early operation and regular maintenance in the later stage, the wall mounted advertising machine can be stabilized on the wall, and the advantages of both aesthetics and practicality can be achieved.

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