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Do you know about the ubiquitous outdoor commercial advertising machines

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-10-08

During the summer vacation practice period in various regions, there will be waves of travel peaks, and teachers and parents will bring their children's education to start their travel itinerary. It will be found that outdoor commercial network wall mounted advertising machines have appeared in scenic spots, shopping malls, and bus stops around the world, indicating that outdoor media information dissemination methods have become an indispensable scenic line for urban management centers in China.

The amount of information in modern corporate society is becoming increasingly important for improving people's daily lives. Although we often see outdoor advertising machines outside, what are the functions of outdoor commercial advertising machines?

It is understood that outdoor commercial advertising machines with multimedia playback capabilities, support for file and streaming video playback (in various forms: video, images, audio), can perform high-definition transcoding. The outdoor advertising machine uses LCD display to play video advertisements, which is particularly suitable for high-end brands with comprehensive multimedia technology, providing consumers with comprehensive product and promotional information. Outdoor advertising machines are different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media, as they have a wide range of applications and significant effects.

In addition, the LCD screen of electronic bus stop signs can accurately display real-time information such as bus forecasts, weather forecasts, current affairs news, etc., bringing great convenience to citizens. At the same time, commercial advertising machines play advertisements 24 hours a day, spreading the latest information in real-time and bringing more revenue to businesses.

The electronic bus stop sign also has a terminal for remote management and control. Its main functions include adjusting the video playback volume and remotely/timed on/off. Nowadays, most of our manufacturers install cameras to monitor the situation of electronic bus stops in real time, which plays a very important role in urban social security.

Outdoor media is gradually playing an important role in daily life in cities. Among them, outdoor commercial advertising machines are an important means to promote the development of urban civilization.

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