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What are the main features of intelligent bar screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-09-30

What are the performance characteristics of smart bar screens? With the development and changes of today's era, more and more industries have applied smart stick screens. Smart stick screens can be seen everywhere in our lives. Smart stick screens have characteristics such as real-time, flexibility, mobility, and large capacity, completely breaking free from the fixed constraints of traditional display screens. Therefore, the current market strongly recommends the performance characteristics of terminal smart stick screens? That's true:

Firstly, it has high stability and good tranquility

Intelligent analysis of the highlight of the bar screen between LCD material substrates through their own exclusive clever disposal. Make the general TV screen possess the characteristics of a cultural industry grade LCD screen, with high stability and good tranquility, suitable for handling in a despicable situation.

Secondly, it is efficient, energy-saving, and has a long service life

The intelligent bar net adopts imported aluminum substrate, which has efficient heat reception and dissipation ability to minimize the lighting. The effect of backlight heating on LCD substrate is the shortest, with energy-saving, long lifespan, effective energy-saving, lighter product volume, and thinner effect.

Thirdly, it is best to demonstrate the effectiveness of intelligent regulation.

The high brightness strip LCD screen is equipped with a light sensing automatic controller, which can automatically work and arrange a screen brightness according to the development situation around it, so that the screen image information can reach our best visual effect, and also achieve energy-saving and extremely low aging of product components.

Fourth, the ultra-high dynamic contrast

The intelligent bar screen has an ultra-high trend. Regarding contrast, the colors appear more and more prominent, resulting in a more three-dimensional and realistic visual effect. At ultrafast speeds, special black field insertion and backlight scanning techniques reinforce the visual display below the trend map.

Fifth, noble and magnanimous handling of affairs and personality

In low temperature conditions, the smart strip screen can quickly open and display clearly. It works all day at natural temperatures, which is very suitable for outdoor display needs.

Sixth, the application range of intelligent bar screen is wide

Intelligent bar screens are widely used in public connections, subways, airports, security monitoring, guidance and mobilization cores, exhibition core display systems, multimedia education, government agencies, academic studios, video capture systems, multifunctional exhibition halls, entertainment venues, restaurants, communication exhibitions, brand displays, television stations, enterprise exhibition halls, etc. due to their high cost-effectiveness, low operating costs, strong adaptability to the environment, and convenient installation and maintenance.

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