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What factors affect the price of bar screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-09-29

The impact of quality management of a company's products on market prices is still a social phenomenon, and the same applies to strip LCD screens. There are also a wide variety of strip screen products in the market, and the price level of products from different manufacturers varies greatly. This poses a great headache for Chinese consumers, who do not know how to improve their differentiation and selection. What are the factors that determine the price of strip LCD screens in China due to the different price positioning of manufacturers in producing them?

1. The pixel spacing of bar LCD screens is similar to the dot spacing of CRTs, but the former is not as important for the production performance of enterprise products as the latter. The number of pixel information in LCD displays is relatively fixed, so as long as the design size and resolution are the same, the pixel spacing of all these products should be the same.

2. The brightness is related to the brightness of the strip LCD display screen. The brightness of LCD screens is measured using square candles (cd/m2) or nitz. The brightness is between 100 and 130. It is worth noting that the data is not complete. Bright products are not necessarily better products. The key is the uniformity of brightness, which cannot be found in product specifications. The uniformity of brightness is closely related to the number and structure of light sources and reflectors, and brightness must be kept away from the darkness of the light source.

3. The response time related to the response time of the bar screen is a specific indicator of the LCD display, which refers to the response speed of each pixel of the LCD display to the input signal, and its unit is milliseconds (ms). The shorter the response time, the faster the pixel response, and the longer the response time. When displaying dynamic images (even mouse cursor), there will be serious display dragging phenomenon. The current standard response time for LCD should be less than 30 ms.

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