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The trend of bar screens in the future

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-09-28

With the promotion of enterprise products in the market, various industries in society now have a better understanding and application of LCD strip screens, especially in the fields of rail transit and new retail business where technology can be widely applied. LCD strip screens have played a revolutionary role in the development of advertising and logo management with flexible sizes and diverse display lifestyles, and also provide convenience for people's travel and guiding students.

During the entire exhibition period, I led the exhibition area to be colorful and made people forget to come back. The exhibition of innovative products such as curved large screens, transparent LEDs, irregular LEDs, and LED flooring has attracted the attention of a large number of viewers. The digital signage exhibition area mainly consists of laser engraving equipment, plate materials, and spray printing equipment, but the strip screens displayed by companies such as Shenzhen Kuanbo Technology are impressive.

At present, the main market development for bar screens is still in foreign countries, and the domestic market demand is not very high. The research on the problems we encounter during the promotion and use of bar screens mainly includes three points:

1、 The market price level of enterprise products is relatively high, with a price of nearly 10000 yuan for a 55 inch 1/2 screen, which is 2-3 times that of a regular 55 inch advertising machine;

2、 The advantages of application scenarios are not obvious, and the substitutability is strong;

3、 The film source is quite unique, with regular film sources mostly at 16:9 and bar screens mostly at 32:9 or 64:9. It cannot be directly applied to regular film sources and requires special processing.

However, with the continuous improvement of cutting processing technology, the yield of products gradually develops and increases, and the price issue of strip screens will have a significant impact on a decrease. From the perspective of the whole machine side, the profit of product enterprises is decreasing, and it is necessary to increase revenue through some new high profit products.

Driven by upstream panels and the whole machine, combined with the advantages of centralized management and interactive connection, strip screen products will replace ordinary lightbox signs and LED displays, and their applications in transportation, office units, commercial supermarkets, elevators and other industries will continue to increase.

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