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What are the points to consider when selecting a bar screen?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-09-27

LED display screens have been increasingly widely used! In addition to the advantages of high brightness, high color, and flat panel assembly, modular assembly is adopted to make the size and shape of LED display screens more diverse, and better meet the needs of different scenarios. Full color bar images have high-quality visual effects in various fields such as the world, advertising rotation, and atmospheric rendering, gradually replacing traditional usage such as flags and lightboxes. Their face value and strength are soaring, and they are becoming increasingly popular in various fields!

Store stall entrance

Along the street shops are the key to bringing passersby into the shops for consumption! Full color long screen door, capable of displaying dynamic character walking, screen rotation, and even video playback and other functions. The cool display of products and promotional information can attract the attention of passersby and stimulate consumer desire.

Skybridge bar screen advertisement

On the bustling streets, the narrow spaces on both sides of the overpass are very suitable for setting up outdoor advertising with bar screens! Full color bar screens have a development advantage in conveying design effects through advertising information through text, allowing audiences to quickly and thoroughly review detailed research content; It also has multiple ad rotation functions, dynamic data display, and more innovative vitality!

Meeting room bar screen

The use of bar screens in conference rooms is gradually becoming popular. In addition to the large screen displayed outside the conference room, the bar screen can also be configured on it! Through a bar screen, conference themes and welcome messages can be displayed, and traditional banners can be directly replaced during the process of changing content at any time, resulting in better visual effects and better economy.

Service Window Information Bar

In business service windows such as administrative service centers, promoting policies, customs declaration materials, and ensuring the order and efficiency of phone numbers are all significant challenges. Full color bar screens can effectively solve this problem. It is possible to achieve synchronous and asynchronous playback of multi window information based on business service content.

Supermarket shopping mall bar screen

The application of indoor bar screens in shopping malls and supermarkets not only enhances advertising management and information security promotion, but also enhances the overall development of brand culture and image of the enterprise. Through the dynamic playback of network images and video materials, it can create a theme education atmosphere, assist shopping malls and supermarkets in holiday marketing, and create a dazzling "internet celebrity" store!

Creative bar screen in the exhibition hall

In the field of display, full-color bar screens can be flexibly DIY assembled according to local conditions to form creative shapes. Through material playback, the displayed products and technologies can be presented more interestingly and vividly.

Restaurant bar long screen

In themed restaurants and colorful bars, one cannot lack full-color long drawn characters! The high-definition, high color and ultra long screen immediately highlights the theme restaurant style, with rich and colorful shapes, bringing a colorful and extraordinary experience to the bar.

Application in other fields

Full color bar screens are widely used and have many exquisite cases in fields such as public security, schools, banks, hospitals, transportation, religion, hotels, and conferences.


Small module, large display. LED display screens are assembled by modules, regardless of size or proportion. A strip screen can meet the visual design requirements of narrow and long spaces, and can also be developed for cultural and creative modeling enterprise exhibitions, showcasing its skills in various fields! Hongchi Electronics controls indoor and outdoor full-color screens with advantages such as high-definition, high brightness, and stable performance, which will provide our Chinese customers with a more high-quality and cool display of information.

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