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What are our misconceptions about seamless splicing screens?

Author:admin / Publication time:2021-01-07
todayDetian TechnologyThe editor will introduce the composition of LCD splicing screens, which are composed of LCD splicing screens, multi screen splicing processors, and matrix combinations. The LCD splicing screen has a large combination space and can be used to splice small or large screens. It can be a 1-on-1 single screen splicing, or a pair of m x n full screen splicing; It can also be assembled through a combination of ground and small screens. Based on the customer's system planning and application requirements for the LCD splicing curtain wall system, and based on the application environment of the system, select suitable products and splicing methods, plan detailed implementation plans, and satisfy the application needs of the system. Based on user requirements for input signals, different video processing systems can be selected to complete VGA, composite video, S-VIDEO, YPPBR/YBCBR, or DVI signal inputs to meet the requirements of different application scenarios and signal inputs. Through control software, various signals can be switched and spliced into full screen flashing, any combination of flashing, etc.

In the field of LCD splicing screens, the growth rate has been steadily increasing at over 10% in recent years. The huge demand in shopping malls has led major manufacturers to increase their research and production in this field. However, when it comes to application scenarios, LCD splicing screens are mainly used in mid to low end flash markets, mostly as security monitoring and command centers. In the high-end field, they are dominated by DLP large screens and seamless splicing screens. However, the advantages of OLED in terms of thickness, energy efficiency, and structure are also incomparable to LCD products. It can be said that in the future display market, OLED will undoubtedly become the biggest competitor of LCD, and even its substitute product. However, in the LCD splicing screen mall, OLEDs have not yet started standby in recent years.

Revealing the LCD splicing screen scam, with the continuous development of domestic investment in basic industries such as power and transportation, as well as industrial automation and informatization, the demand for industrial application of LCD screen bonding has steadily increased, and large-scale monitoring, command, and scheduling of large screen bonding projects have been frequently manufactured. Many liquid crystal flashers have now appeared. Spanned over 100 large-scale plug-in screen projects. Industry experts estimate that it will enter the high-definition era before 2017, and high-definition applications will be forced to use LCD to achieve excellent support. From the trend perspective, the upward trend of the splicing structure of the splicing products remains unchanged, and the proportion of RNB and ENB continues to rise. Due to the opening of upstream UNB OC panels, UNB prices have significantly decreased since 2020, making it difficult for the proportion of UNB shopping malls to be replaced by ENB in the short term. The cultivation period of RNB with a 2-year history is estimated to exceed 10% in 2021.

Used as a screen to unlock the pop-up stroke. Adjust the height of the LCD splicing unit. Use two horizontal adjustment screws that can adjust the screen height up and down, and then measure the screen level with a spirit level. After adjusting the flatness of the screen body, acknowledge it. The whole screen is acknowledged by "post adjustment" and "preset" manual screws. Check if the pop-up window and LCD splicing unit are retracted smoothly together. Once the problem is resolved, please repeat the above process to install other LCD splicing screens.

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